The Shambhala School Does Iliana

Iliana salutes the invisible dragon

Lions resting off stage

The Shambhala lower school, (grades primary through five), staged Iliana to a delighted crowd of parents and friends on December 6. Susan Williams's stage adaptation turned the story into a full pageant with gangs of tigers, lions, and garudas, three Iliana's, and one six-legged dragon. The production was bursting with energy and good cheer. The costumes, as you can see in the photos, were sensational. And the singing, as you can hear below, is over the top. These young warriors really embodied the songs. Kudos to Shambhala School students and teachers! Well done!

Listen to the Shambhala School children singing the songs

Tiger's Song

Lion's Song

Sky, Earth, and Me

Garuda's Song

Tender Heart

Tigers walking

Everyone sings Sky Earth and Me

A flock of Garudas flies by

Does anyone have a photo of the Dragon? We need a photo of the Dragon!