"Now I know the true meaning of Children's Day." -Gorden E. Shotwell, Age 8 (1992)

"Thank you for Iliana ... my favorite part was when she found the sun in her heart." -Isabel Chender, first grade (1995)

I can't wait for Children's Day so I can hear Iliana again," -Lea Zimmerman, Age 7 (1995)

"A timeless tale which, though full of exotic adventure, exposes the ordinary brilliance of the human heart. -Bill Gaston

"A book for all Shambhala warriors." -Acharya Jeremy Hayward



A Winter Solstice Tale

Paperback: $22.95

Hardcover: $44.95

Iliana is the story of a young girl's quest for the sun. As the days grow shorter, everyone around her is worried, and no one knows what to do. Determined to save her kingdom from darkness, Iliana sets off alone to find the sun. Her adventures take her to unexpected realms where she encounters magical friends who help her on her way and, in the end, she discovers more than she set out to find.

Created by Walter Fordham, and brought to life by Tatjana's brilliant illustrations, Iliana has become an essential part of winter solstice celebrations for many families and communities across North America.